Friday, June 10, 2011


What a day I have had so far, been on line for quite some time and to my delight have found fabric I have been chasing for some time  now to finish a quilt.  I have looked  many times but  to no avail but today I hit the jackpot and am very excited..   At last I will get a quilt finished ( was to surprise no 1 daughter but rather think it suits my room perfectly  she may be lucky!!) as I have a number of  partly made ones which I call my  "one days" that is one day i might finish them.

As I have eventually taken my new (12months old) husqvarna  "diamond" sewing  machine out of the box and tried out some of the embroidery designs built in  I have become more enthusiastic to get back to  my crafts.

Here's hoping I will have some finished projects to show  in the near future.

Cheers   Lynette